The UEF President is elected by the UEF Congress by absolute majority vote. He is also the President of the Federal Committee and of the UEF Bureau. Domenec Ruiz DEVESA, Spanish politician of the Spanish Socialist Workers' Party (PSOE) who was elected as a Member of the European Parliament in 2019,e is the UEF President ad interim after the elected President Sandro GOZI resignation of 3rd August 2023. 

According to the Article 19 of UEF Statutes, the UEF Secretary-General: is responsible for running the UEF Secretariat and carrying out the decisions delegated to him/her by the organs of UEF. S/he is appointed by the Federal Committee on recommendation of the Bureau.  The Secretary General shall have the right to attend all meetings of the organs of the UEF, which do not foresee a statutory membership without the right to vote. Currently, the UEF Secretary-General is vacant after the resignation of the President Sandro GOZI. Actually all the funtions of the Secretary General are taken by the Vice-President Luisa Trumellini.

Elected by the Federal Committee on the nomination of the Bureau, s/he is responsible for the management of the funds, for which he shall be answerable. Any decision in the Executive Bureau beyond the adopted budget lines shall not
be taken against the vote of the Treasurer, unless the respective proposal includes a balance of its financial burden. He is accountable to the Federal Committee. The current UEF Treasurer is Roland Hühn.

Elected by the Federal Committee for a period of two years, the Bureau carries out the decisions of and is accountable to the Federal Committee. View current Bureau members.

The Executive Bureau consists of:
a. the President of the UEF;
b. the Secretary General, elected on the proposal of the President;
c. not less than 2 and not more than 4 Vice-Presidents and among those not more than
one coming from the same Section,
d. the Treasurer and
e. not less than 5 and not more than 10 other members and among those not more than
two coming from the same section.

According to Article 14 of the UEF Statutes, the Federal Committee shall consist of:

a. the Members of the Executive Bureau eligible to vote who are in office at the start of any given conference;

b. the delegates of the Sections comprised of one basic delegate and one additional delegate for each started amount of 200 members;

c. the delegates of the Congress comprised of one delegate for each started amount of 10 delegates in reference to a., b. and paragraph 2;

d. the delegates of the JEF with an equal number of delegates with regard to paragraph 1.c.

2. No Section shall have more delegates than the double amount of the total number of delegates of the 10 Sections that are entitled to have the lowest numbers of delegates.

The members are elected to serve until the next UEF Congress. The FC determines the UEF political direction and activities between the Congresses. It organises the Congress, approves the annual budget and final account balances, draws up the rules of procedure of UEF, and elects the UEF Bureau and Treasurer. The Federal Committee shall elect an Auditing Committee of two persons at its first meeting after a Congress with the regular elections of the Executive Bureau.


UEF consists of constituent organisations that are autonomous centres of the UEF activities, reaching the EU citizens and spreading the UEF message to them by organising various activities in their countries. Constituent organisations are free to take up any activities within the general political framework of UEF at the European level. View list of UEF's member organisations and their contact details.

It consists of seven members elected by the Congress. It ensures the application of the Statutes and serves as an arbiter in case of disputes within the organisation. The current arbitration board members are Antonio BAR CENDON, Emma FARRUGIA, Ugo FERRUTA, Daniel FREY, Peter OSTEN, Alexandra SCHANTL, Giovanni SOLFRIZZI.



It consist of two members elected by Congress. The current Auditing Committee members are Matteo RONCARA' and Chrissopighi BRAILA


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