75th Anniversary
"The Ventotene Manifesto"
Author: Altiero Spinelli and Ernesto Rossi
Published: 1941
The Ventotene Manifesto, whose full title is "For a Free and United Europe. A draft manifesto", was drawn up by Altiero Spinelli and by Emesto Rossi (who wrote the first part of the third chapter) in 1941 when they were both interned on the island of Ventotene.
"On Governing Europe"
Author: Andrew Duff
Published: 2012
In this pamphlet Andrew Duff describes what the EU has done since 2008 to manage the crisis. He sets out an agenda for banking union, fiscal union and political union involving urgent action and spells out his vision of the new European polity.
"Federal Union Now"
Author: Andrew Duff
Published: 2011
The pamphlet defines the concept ''a federal Europe'' and points out the steps needed to transform the Lisbon Treaty into a more durable constitutional settlement for the EU.
"Saving the European Union"
Author: Andrew Duff
Published: 2009
This book explains and justifies the EU’s Treaty of Lisbon. It is the first accurate and comprehensive description of what the entry into force of Lisbon treaty will mean. It provides logical answers both to those pro-Europeans who claim that Lisbon is of little importance and to those eurosceptics who oppose further integration.
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