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1. Conference on the Future of Europe  
The Conference Explained THE UEF INSIDER - Your Federalist Newsletter N.2 - May 2022 THE TIME IS NOW  Your newsletter on the Conference on the Future of Europe ISSUE N.17 …  
2. Union of European Federalists  
THE POINT THE CONTEXT   The Conference on the Future of Europe that ended on 9 May made a number of important proposals with the aim of making the EU more cohesive and…  
3. News UEF  
WELCOME TO OUR NEW MEMBER: UEF KOSOVO During the Federal Committee Meeting of the UEF in July, the application for membership of the Kosovar section was confirmed! We warmly welcome our…  
4. Structure  
Sandro GOZI President Anna Echterhoff Secretary-General Dominique Ostyn Treasurer PRESIDENT The UEF President is elected by the UEF Congress by absolute majority vote. He is…  
5. Members  
OVERVIEW STATUTORY MEETINGS Join your national UEF section UEF consists of 25 member organisations that are autonomous centres of the UEF activities, reaching the EU…  
6. Welcome to our new member section: UEF Kosovo!  
THE FOUNDATION OF UEF KOSOVO by European Federalists WELCOME TO UEF KOSOVO BY SANDRO GOZI by European Federalists Rainer Wieland, MEP and President of the…  
7. Federal Committee in BRUSSELS  
9-10 JULY 2022 | Only in presence  
8. Enhancing European Democracy – Next Steps Following the CoFoE  
Online Round Table on ZOOM | 29 June 2022, 6.00 p.m. (CET)  
9. PRESS RELEASE: Ukraine and Moldova’s EU candidacy: Europe needs integration as much as enlargement  
The Union of European Federalists welcomes the accession of Ukraine and Moldova to the EU candidate list and advocates for the deepening of our institutions  
10. UEF President sends AFCO and the Spinelli Group the document with federalist proposals from MFE for the reform of the EU Treaties  
In the paper, some eminent experts of the Movimento Federalista Europeo (MFE), the Italian section of the Union of European Federalists, outline a series of reforms of the EU institutional…  
Search results 1 until 10 of 1230
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