By Statutory Meeting: Bureau l Congress l Federal Committee
15/12/2014 // Adopted by the UEF Federal Committee, Brussels, 13 December 2014
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17/11/2013 // Adopted by the XXIV UEF European Congress, Berlin, November 2013
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13/11/2011 // Adopted by the UEF Federal Committee on 13 November 2011 (Read the resolution in German)


A. The cohesion and stability of the eurozone is the indispensable precondition for the economic recovery of Europe,
B. The limitations of the current…
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31/10/2010 // The UEF Federal Committee


the European Commission “Budget Review” including the proposals of: a) a programme for 2020 economic reforms (increase the employment rate; reduce greenhouse gas emissions; reduce early-school leavers; lift at least…
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25/11/2009 // The Union of European Federalists, meeting in their Federal Committee in Berlin on 24-25 October 2009, resolves as follows:

Recalling the decisions of the UEF Congress in Paris of October 2008,

1. Congratulates the people of Ireland, and those who led…
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19/04/2009 // The Federal Committee of the UEF,


- that, unlike what happened at the time of the Great Depression, world powers are today searching for world-wide cooperation, as witnessed by the decision to build a “new world economic order” announced in…
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19/04/2009 // UEF Federal Committee of 18-19th April in Brussels considers that:

The current financial crisis is of a global dimension and will have an enormous impact not only on the European financial industry but the general economy. Financial markets as the…
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12/10/2008 // Adopted in UEF Congress 10-12 October

The European Union is at a crossroad. The concomitance of different extremely severe crises gave origin to a situation which requires with dramatic urgency that some decisions are taken, which must be brave and…
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12/10/2008 // Corporate groups, mergers, incorporations: we have to protect workers’ dignity and rights!

This resolution intends to emphasise the urgent need of looking for new European rules in the field of economy, above all concerning the organisation of…
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12/10/2008 // The UEF Congress meeting in Paris on 10-12 October,

- that the financial crisis, , has spread to the whole planet, causing insolvencies in institutions of global dimensions, jeopardising the savings and jobs of millions of families and;

- that…
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