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02/07/2006 // The XXI UEF Congress, held in Vienna from 30 June to July 2, 2006,

Reaffirming peace as the precondition for social and ecological justice, freedom, democracy and human rights and as the fundamental value of the European Union, which has enabled the…
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06/11/2005 // The Federal Committee of the UEF and the WFM Council, meeting on 5-6 November 2005 in Brussels,

- Having regard to the disappointing conclusions of the World Summit relating to essential security and peace matters which took place in New York on the…
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06/11/2005 // Declaration of the UEF Federal Committee meeting in Brussels, 5-6 November 2005

For half a century, the process of European unification has granted the European citizens peace, democracy and economic and social development. The new challenges to…
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05/11/2005 // The Union of European Federalists,


by the drift towards euro-scepticism and nationalism which is spreading all over Europe, and by the fact that some political groupings have shamefully given up striving for the creation of the European…
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05/11/2005 // The UEF Federal Committee, taking place in Brussels, 4-5 November 2005,

Considering that

- The European Union has assured, for more than 50 years, peace, democracy, employment and economic development

- Without a federal government, Europe is unable to…
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10/04/2005 // Le Conseil exécutif de l’Union Africaine (UA), réuni à Addis-Abeba, a adopté le 8 mars une résolution historique sur la réforme du Conseil de sécurité des Nations Unies. Il a décidé que l’Afrique, et non les états membres, devra être représentée au…
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10/04/2005 // For the first time ever, the States and Peoples of Europe will have to express themselves on a European Constitution.

This is a historical moment. Drafted after years of efforts - for the first time by elected representatives and not by diplomats -…
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10/04/2005 // After the ratification of the European Constitution, its implementation will bring many democratic improvements to the emerging European civil society. One of these improvements is undoubtedly the European citizens’ initiative as stated in Article…
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21/11/2004 // According to the article I —  46, PART VI, of the E.U. Constitutional Treaty: “Political parties at European level contribute to forming European political awareness and expressing the will of the citizens.”
UEF and JEF  EUROPE: Taking into account…
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21/11/2004 // Resolution adopted by UEF Federal Committee meeting in Brussels, November 20-21, 2004

The Union of European Federalists,

A. Assessment of the Constitution adopted by the Heads of States and Governments

1.   Welcomes that the Heads of States and…
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