Chair: Giulia Rossolillo

Rapporteur: Otto Schmuck

The goal of the Political Commission 1 is to develop federalist policies related to the institutional architecture of the European Union, the future of Europe in general and the federalist strategy and actions towards the creation of a European Federal Union.

Key topics include the debate on the future of Europe, the federal model for Europe, proposals for Treaty change, pan-European lists, multi-speed Europe, European Constitution and the elections of the European Parliament.

If you want to become a member of Political Commission 1, contact secretariat(at)federalists(dot)eu (for the UEF Federal Committee members only).


05/09/2011 // The historian in search of some examples to explain the Hegelian concept of the cunning of reason (List der Vernuft) to his/her pupils can go back to the behaviour of the European leaders on the occasion of the financial crisis: even if they did not…
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04/06/2011 // By Guido Montani, UEF Vice-President.

The European Federalists taking note that:

- national governments faced the financial crisis with partial and inadequate policies creating the image of a European Union divided among virtuous countries and…
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