09 May, 2014
Integration Process Foreseen by Schuman should continue... Towards a Federal Europe!
Today (May, 9) citizens across Europe celebrate the Schuman declaration and the foundation of the European Coal and Steel Community, the first of a series of supranational European institutions that would ultimately become today’s “European Union”.
In the introductory remarks of his declaration Robert Schuman writes: “Europe will not be made all at once, or according to a single plan. It will be built through concrete achievements which first create a de facto solidarity.” Today, almost 65 years later, the European solidarity we have developed is facing the biggest challenge since the foundation of the EU. The European Federalists believe that the European project, that we have all worked on towards tirelessly, will not survive the current crisis or future economic turmoils, unless we complete the integration process towards a European Federation, already foreseen by Schuman in 1950.

In May 2014, in the backdrop of the European elections, European Federalists campaign Towards Federal Europe and call European citizens to use their vote and make a change towards a better, stronger Europe. So far 130 European election candidates of all hues of the ideological spectrum have pledged their support to the Federalist principles and further European economic and political integration. These are the candidates who campaign for a Federal Europe we invite European citizens to vote for. [Click on link to be re-directed to the online gallery]

European Federalists will also celebrate Europe Day during the EU open doors on the 17th of May when EU institutions will open their doors to the public. Should you wish to join us, register here and we will be happy to see you on the day at the Solidarno?? Esplanade of the European Parliament in Brussels.

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