12 March, 2012
Free Belarus Action 2012
The Young European Federalists are organising a pan-European street action on 18 March 2012 to protest against and raise awareness about the last remaining dictatorship on the European continent.
Ever since coming to the power in 1994 the president of Belarus, Alexander Lukashenko, oppressed the freedom of his people and ignored their voices. JEF believes that a united Europe can be achieved only if all people in Europe become united in their action and support each other. Freedom is a key foundation of a just and democratic Europe and we as Europeans cannot leave the Belarusian citizens behind! The last presidential elections in Belarus on 19 December 2010 ended in mass detentions of protesters, with leaders of opposition being imprisoned. Numerous protests have shown that the people of Belarus had enough of Lukashenko’s rule.

With this years’ Free Belarus action the aim is to “Speak Up For Democracy In Belarus!” It is time to break the silence which is imposed on the Belarusian citizens and speak up. By collecting the actions’ outcomes from young people in more than 130 cities all over Europe (and the world) an important statement can be made that will be heard by the EU Institutions and officials, the dictatorial regime and the population in Belarus.

JEF-Europe is inviting your organisation to take part in the biggest European-wide awareness raising event for democracy in Belarus, and contribute to a united and free Europe.

More details on the “Free Belarus” action and how to participate can be found on www.free-belarus.eu and on JEF-Europe Facebook page and event.

Register your action here until 15 March 2012. To be listed among the partners for this years' action, or for any further questions, contact Ms. Ziva CERNEC at belarus@jef.eu or on +32 2 512 00 53.

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