22 October, 2014
Federalists support the relaunch of the Spinelli Group
The Union of European Federalists (UEF) supports the re-launch of the parliamentary group of The Spinelli Group in European Parliament. The Group held its first meeting yesterday in Strasbourg. Named after Altiero Spinelli, a founder of the federalist movement, former MEP and Commissioner, the Group gathers the federalist and most fervent pro-integration members of the European Parliament.

The parliamentary group will be jointly chaired by Elmar Brok MEP (EPP), Chairman of the Foreign Affairs Committee and President of the Union of European Federalists, and Jo Leinen MEP (S&D), President of the European Movement International. The board includes also the MEPs Guy Verhofstadt (ALDE), Sylvie Goulard (ALDE), Danuta Hübner (PPE), Mercedes Bresso (S&D) and Ulrike Lunacek (Greens).

UEF encourages members of the European Parliament who believe in a federal Europe to join the Spinelli Group.

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