29 April, 2014
Federalist highlights from the first ever pan-european debate
Yesterday (28 April) for the first time in history European citizens had the chance to witness a 90’ debate between the leading candidates of four European political parties to President of the European Commission. European Federalists [UEF] and Young European Federalists [JEF] gathered all over Europe to watch and discuss.
During the debate candidates elaborated on their positions around three broader themes, economy, euroscepticism and foreign policy. In many cases they came up with federalist proposals which we collected and present to you here, candidate – by –candidate in the form of a graphic.

The graphic presents a thumbs-up every time one of the four candidates, Jean-Claude Juncker, Martin Schulz, Guy Verhofstadt or Ska Keller, refers along his or her reply to a point that is in line with federalist principles. Each point on the grid reflects on the exact quote made by the candidate.

Consult the highlights here…

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