07 February, 2012
European organisations petition the parliament for next step to federal union
Following the agreement on the fiscal treaty by the heads of government of 25 member states, the heads of the three leading pro-Europe organisations have petitioned the European Parliament.
The petition by the Presidents of the Union of European Federalists (UEF), the Young European Federalists (JEF-Europe) and the European Movement International (EMI) asks the European Parliament to use its new Lisbon treaty powers to initiate a further revision of the European Union treaties with the objective of creating a full fiscal union with a reformed financial system.

See the full text of the Petition here (also in Danish, Frenchhttp://www.federalists.eu/fileadmin/files_uef/Campaign_FUN_2012/Petition_FR_site.pdf, GermanGreek, Italian, Polish and Spanish).

Andrew Duff MEP, President of UEF, said: "The intergovernmental treaty is a necessary expedient to bypass the British veto, but it does not install the fiscal solidarity needed to save the euro in the long run. Nor does it help resolve problems surrounding the Union's political legitimacy.

"We call on the Parliament to act to use its full powers to initiate the next steps in European construction".

Pauline Gessant, JEF-Europe President said: "The response goes in the right direction but is insufficient to address the present challenges decisively. Furthermore we strongly regret the old-style “behind-closed-doors” negotiations and the intergovernmental supremacy of the European Council. The European unification process must involve citizens and their representatives and be discussed in a transparent and democratic way”.

Jo Leinen MEP, President of the EMI, added: "The next steps of European Integration must be done with the participation of the Citizens Chambers – the European Parliament and the National Parliaments – and not through intergovernmental negotiations. The method for changing and improving the European Treaties must be a new Convention and not a series of EU Summits."

Members of all three organisations will now add their signatures to the petition.


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