28 April, 2014
Ask your question during EUdebate2014!
Tonight the first ever pan-European debate with candidates for the presidency of the European Commission will take place in Maastricht at 19.00 CET. The debate will be held in front of an audience of 700 young people and broadcast live worldwide in 13 languages on Euronews.
Federalists across Europe will follow the debate via live stream or broadcast and actively engage with candidates, asking them questions on the future of Europe via their social media accounts. A special post-debate scorecard will give the federalist perspective on the issues discussed and positions taken by the candidates.

Don’t stay idle, join the debate and address the candidates! (Jean-Claude JUNKER - @JunckerEU, Martin SCHULZ - @MartinSchulz, Guy VERHOFSTADT - @GuyVerhofstadt, Ska KELLER - @SkaKeller) Find examples of questions below and ask yours! Don’t forget to add hashtags: #EUdebate2014 | #??FedEU

@JunckerEU do you agree EU needs to transform the Eurozone into a fiscal union? #ToFedEU

@MartinSchulz will you work towards a truly genuine political union? #ToFedEU

@GuyVerhofstadt will you promote Treaty Change with a #Convent15 asap after #EP2014? #ToFedEU

@SkaKeller will you resist national pressures and look after EU interest? #ToFedEU

For more questions and messages check out this link.


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