19 April, 2019
April 29 and May 15: Spitzenkandidaten Debate Watching Parties

On April 29, the European Youth Forum, Politico, Youtube and the City of Maastricht  will be organising the first debate between leading candidates, with a special focus on topics for young people (the debate will be livestreamed on https://www.politico.eu/event/the-maastricht-debate/) On May 15, a debate will be organised in the European Parliament.

In this context, JEF proposes to organise Debate Watching Parties and we would like to invite all federalists to do so.

Federalists have called on public media to host these debates on popular broadcasting channels for a long time. Organising debate watching parties across Europe will create attention for the debate between the lead candidates. It will also give the opportunity to raise the federalist issues on the social media.

In order to animate the debate, you can use the bingo sheets prepared by JEF Europe. Instead of numbers, these sheets include some words the politicians might be using, randomly allocated on the sheet Participants will mark off the word once it has been mentioned in the debate. The first person to mark off a horizontal or vertical line has to yell FEDERALISM.

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