20 September, 2021

The final conference of “Y-FED: Europe is what we make of it” is going to look back on all project outcomes and look forward to the future of Europe seen through the eyes of young people around the continent. The model, recommendations and compendium of the Y-FED project local actions will be presented and discussed during the full-day event that takes place in Brussels, Belgium on the 27th September. It will gather around 100 people on site and digitally, including policy-makers, participants of previous project activities, representatives of EU institutions and youth organisations.

The “Y-FED Final Conference: Europe is what you(th) make of it” will showcase the activities and campaigns that were implemented by the project’s partnership and what are the future plans beyond the Y-FED project. The outcomes of the discussion will be compiled into a set of policy recommendations addressed to European decision-makers, creating synergies with the upcoming campaigns and projects of the project partners.

Objectives of the Final conference:

– Present the project outcomes of  “Y-FED: Europe is what we make of it” and the policy recommendations based on the 11 European Youth Goals by young people who took part in the project.

– Bringing young people and decision-makers together in discussing  the Conference on the Future of Europe and reflecting on the role of the Civic society organisations in the process.

About Y-FED

The project “Y-FED: Europe is what we make of it” aims to bring the EU closer to its young citizens by developing a proposal for an improved institutional framework of the Union in line with the European Youth Goals. The initiative, supported by an Erasmus+ “European Youth Together” grant, will be implemented in the years 2020-2021 through a series of capacity-building training courses, public policy hackathons, a large-scale simulation of a reformed EU and advocacy actions. The project partners comprise 18 civil society organisations as well as 2 networks of European and regional decision-makers.

One of Y-Fed’s main objectives is Raise awareness of the European Youth Goals (EYGs) and support their implementation by embedding them in the reformed EU institutional model and bringing them from the European to the local level. 



The Y-Fed Final Conference will take place at Atelier 29 (Rue Jacques de Lalaing 29, 1000 Bruxelles). 


Sunday 26th September (International participants only)

17:30H - 19H Treasure Hunt

19H - 21H Dinner & EU Pub Quiz


Monday 27th September 

10H - 10:30H  Welcome

  • Sandro GOZI (UEF President & Renew MEP) 
  • Doménec RUIZ DEVESA (UEF Vice-President & S&D MEP) 
  • Leonie MARTIN (JEF Europe President) 
  • Magnus BERNTSSON (AER President) 
  • Eva Schubert (YEN Secretary General)

10:30H - 11:30H  Presentation of the Y-Fed Project results 

  • Elitsa Hadzhieva (Project Officer, JEF Europe)

12H - 13:30H Interactive activity with facilitators

14:30H - 15:30H EU competences in Youth and Education policies

  • Biliana SIRAKOVA (EU Youth Coordinator - DG for Education, Youth, Sport and Culture) 
  • Martina DARMANIN (ESU President) 

16H - 17H Youth in the CoFoE

  • Simon Lindkær Andersen (Board member of the European Youth Forum) 
  • Fabio Massimo CASTALDO (Vice-President of the EP, Non-Attached Member) 
  • Irena JOVEVA (Renew MEP, Member of the CULT Committee) 

17H - 18H Workshop: How to use the CoFoE Digital Platform 

18H - 19H Closing and Networking


Tuesday 28th September 

9:30H Parlamentarium (International participants only)

11:30H - 12:30H Youth challenges in the global scene

  • Louise Haxthausen (Office Director, UNESCO Liaison office in Brussels) 
  • Anja Olin- Pape (Expert on youth policy, Global Challenges Foundation) 


The Y-FED Final Conference is going to be a blended activity with an online and offline (in Brussels, Belgium) settings, and we are looking for local and online participants! Check our calls below for more details.

Call for local participants

Call for online participants

Download the "Y-Fed Final Conference: Europe is what you(th) make of it" agenda

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