15 November, 2003
UEF training seminar: Le fédéralisme dans l'actuel débat sur la Constitution europénne UE
100 people participated in the Training seminar on 15 November at the Maison de l'Europe in Paris; this seminar, co-organised by UEF France and UEF Europe gathered young and older participants from at least 10 regions of France (not seen since a long time ago!) and from I, CZ, NL, B, CH. The sessions were chaired by UEF European Secretary-General in the morning and his national equivalent Daniel HULAS.
UEF Treasurer Gerda de MUNCK presented the greetings of our supranational organisation and welcomed the progress of our ideas in the last decades.

Some fundamental reports were presented. The one on the "History of the federalist movement from the Resistance to the Treaty of Rome" by Jean-Pierre GOUZY, one of the historians of UEF, gave the participants an overview on the origins of the UEF, its first congresses and campaigns as well as its relations with other pro-European organisations and with the world federalists.

The "Federalist method" was explained by Ferdinand KINSKY, Vice-President of CIFE in Nice, as the only means to avoid both anarchy and centralism.

In his speech on "The need of the "Federal State", former UEF President Francesco ROSSOLILLO outlined the great difficulty of achieving the federalist goal of the Federal State in the current frame work; according to him, neither the Convention method nor the draft Constitutional Treaty can in future provide the necessary conditions, for those countries willing to establish a Federal Pact between themselves, to create a new European federal State.

UEF Secretary-General Bruno BOISSIERE reported on how UEF and JEF are campaigning together for a European federal Constitution by raising awareness of the Citizens, trying to involve many other organisations of the Civil Society and putting pressure at all levels on the institutional actors and deciders of the Future of Europe at all levels. He stressed that the next phase of the federalists' campaign should focus on the abolition of any constitution veto.

Finally, UEF France Vice-President Martine MEHEUT presented a detailed and positive analysis of the draft Constitutional Treaty and UEF France President Yves LAGIER called on all participants to contribute to spreading our assessment of the Convention draft and to commit themselves in the future federalist campaign.

In order to benefit to many more members, it was envisaged that the main reports of Paris would be published and translated in 2004 and that similar training seminars should be decentralised and supported in other regions of France as well as in other countries where UEF is represented.

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