26 November, 2006
The UEF calls for an end to the spread of racist trends across Europe
The Federal Committee of the Union of European Federalists, meeting in Brussels on 25-26 November 2006,

UEF is worried by the main trends of the beginning of this century that seem to be dividing the “European People”, between the "European democrats " and the nationalists, rightists or leftists, who are normally opposed to each other but who are now allied to threaten the progress of the European Union construction.

UEF worries about the nationalist ground swell which crosses Europe from Atlantic to the Black Sea and which feeds racisms and xenophobia since the beginning of this century.

In spite of acquired and future collective progress brought by the construction of the Economic and Monetary Union, the European citizens tiredness is being exploited by political forces which use unhappiness to keep, or to reach political power and who by doing so, revive the nationalist, racist and xenophobe flames in order to deviate from the European construction and to block it.

UEF condemns all these political forces, and their operations, and denounces their influences:

•    in the national polls (presidential in France; participation in the governments: Austria, Italy, Poland, Slovakia...)
•    in the blocking of the European constitutional process (France, Netherlands)
•    in the regional and local authorities (Germany, France, Belgium, Austria...)
•    in their clandestine attempts (Belgium...).

Born within the Resistances movements during the Second World War, UEF must inform the citizens and the democratic organisations on the dangers and the threat that these political forces represent for democracy in Europe, and put pressure on the media and national politicians in order to remind them of their responsibility.

UEF invites the European Union to assume all its responsibilities and to use all its influence, as it did in a recent past, to prevent the perilous drifts for the Union and peace.

UEF calls on all democrats and all organizations sharing the same approach to be on their guard and to face together this danger for our democracy.

Note: The “Jeunes Européens France” adopted a remarkable text on these questions which UEF can only support.

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