16 June, 2014
Resolution to support European Parliament empowerment for a deeper & stronger legitimacy
Adopted by the UEF Federal Committe, Brussels, 14 June 2014

that the newly elected European Parliament is accountable, without breaching the treaties, for bravely taking the necessary steps for deepening and strengthening the practice of democracy in the European institutions,

the Federal Committee of the Union of European Federalists, meeting in Brussels on 14 June 2014,

commits itself

to taking any action at its level to help inform the public opinion

-    about the fundamental stakes of the initiatives by the Parliament in this regard, and arouse a wide support,

-    about the resulting development, and implementation of new practises,

-    and about the necessary changes to be brought to the treaties, in order to enable further evolutions towards a well-balanced and fully democratic Federal European Union.

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