22 April, 2012
Resolution to promote a joint action on European Federalists at European level
Adopted by the UEF Federal Committee on 22 April 2012

The UEF FC meeting in Leuven on 21-22 April 2012 in order to promote a joint action of European Federalists at European level invites its sections to promote political initiatives on the basis of the guidelines in the attached petition to the European Parliament whose aims are:

- the implementation of an environmentally and socially sustainable European development plan;

- the drawing up, before the 2014 European elections, of a plan to relaunch the European constituent project, so as to resolve, without delay, the crucial problems of the democratic legitimacy of the European Union and of the government of fiscal, budgetary and monetary policies, so that the European institutions might win back the consent of the European citizens and of the international community.

Support the setting up of a Task Force

- with representatives of the UEF from different countries and open to the cooperation with JEF and the EM at all the levels;

- coordinated by the UEF Secretary General who will constantly refer to the UEF EB about the Tasks Forces results and how its works might be improved and implemented;

Commits its bodies, sections and FC Political Commissions

To study, elaborate and draft as soon as possible a comprehensive political road map about how to build a European Institution architecture, with a federal core able to deal with both the economic, budgetary, financial crisis and the democratic legitimacy deficit the Europeans are still suffering.

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