19 November, 2012
Resolution on the structure of the UEF
Adopted by the UEF Federal Committee on 17 November 2012
The Federal Committee of the UEF at the meeting on 17 and 18 November 2012 in Warsaw decides:

1. The national sections of UEF are strongly requested to intensively recruit more members both amongst the general public and amongst politicians and other decision-makers.

2. For this particular purpose the national sections – in so far as this has not yet been realized – must also build up organizations at regional and local level because it is hardly possible to involve a wide public and to increase membership only with a central group in the respective capitals.

3. Furthermore the national sections shall cooperate with the corresponding youth-organisation (JEF). In some countries like Germany members of JEF are – by agreements - at the same time members of the adult organisation.

4. With a view to these new tasks the Federal Committee particularly recommends that the General Secretariat should offer workshops or seminars concerning recruitment of new members, fundraising and public relations for the national sections (together with the corresponding JEF-Sections).

5. In this respect and in the sense of exchange of experiences (mutual communication of suggestions) all national sections are strongly asked to send half-yearly reports to the General Secretariat, which then shall be communicated to all sections.

6. These reports shall include the following details:

· the actual number of members
· the number of subdivisions
· details on the number of particularly important members (as Members of Parliament etc.) as well as of special working-groups like groups of parliamentarians
· the number and types of public events in the audit period (with number of participants and topics)
· reports on very important contacts and discussions (such as exchange of ideas with important politicians or representatives of important associations)
· examples of press reports

These reports could give suggestions and incentives to the activities of all other national sections.

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