27 March, 2011
Resolution on the European Union Enlargement
Reaffirming our strong belief that enlargement has been one of the EU's most successful policies and a seminal and lasting achievement that has brought peace and stability across the European continent,

Reiterating that enlargement has brought European peoples closer together after decades of perennial conflicts, strengthened the respect of human rights, the rule of law and the economies of the both former Eastern bloc countries and the old Member-States,

Acknowledging that an enlarged Europe has become a stronger and more vocal voice in the international arena, with an increased leverage as the High Representative now speaks on behalf of 27 democracies; the enlargement has greatly increased the EU's capacity and credibility to conduct international trade negotiations, send peace keeping missions and speak with one voice with regard to environmental issues and climate change,

Reminding that the sole perspective of EU membership has brought peace and stability to a once war-torn Western Balkans and presents a powerful tool in the process of democratization of the whole region,
The XXIII UEF European Congress:

1. Calls the EU institutions and Member-States to keep European perspective for the countries of Eastern Partnership and to honour their commitments toward Western Balkan countries, as clearly expressed on the EU-Western Balkan summits held in Zagreb in 2000, Thessaloniki in 2003 and Sarajevo in 2010, that all countries of the Western Balkans have European perspective;

2. Stresses that enlargement needs to be linked to the notion of building a strong federal Europe is inextricably linked to the enlargement of the EU to all countries that comply with the Copenhagen criteria; it is essential to make the current EU institutional framework as effective as possible, while at the same time aspiring to widen the zone of stability and prosperity;

3. Warns against the "enlargement fatigue" and its potential serious consequences for economic development of the EU and political stability of the countries included in the Process of Stabilization and Association;

4. Regrets that the Enlargement policy is loosing its momentum due to the economic crisis and the misuse of the topic by some EU leaders for political purposes;

5. Underlines that the trend of rising xenophobia within and outside the European Union can be contained and effectively eradicated only by broadening the political and economic framework of the EU;

6. Urges EU leaders to foster an open and honest debate on advantages and challenges of a further EU enlargement, in particular by condemning all expressions of xenophobia which run counter to the core European values;

7. Reaffirms that immigration issue cannot be dealt with adequately without an open Union which is ready to accept new member-states complying with the Copenhagen criteria;

8. Encourages the EU institutions to take all necessary steps in order to

a) facilitate the necessary reforms all candidate states and potential candidate states have to carry out, in particular by providing the Kosovo government with a visa liberalization roadmap

b) intensify the efforts to ensure that all candidate and potential candidate countries are carrying out the political, economic and legal reforms leading to a meaningful and successful accession process strengthen the capacity of all Western Balkan countries to meet the visa-free regime criteria, to facilitate the political process aimed at fostering regional cooperation among these countries and removing of all existing political obstacles that block their progress towards the EU membership, and intensify the efforts to ensure that all candidate and potential candidate countries are carrying out the political, economic and legal reforms leading to a meaningful and successful accession process.

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