05 November, 2016
Resolution on the 60th Anniversary of the Treaty of Rome
Adopted by the UEF Federal Committee, 5 November 2016, Cologne
Considering that the time has come for those who really care about Europe to make themselves heard, and show that they still make up the majority in this continent,

Declaring that the forthcoming 60th anniversary of the Treaty of Rome, which is to be marked in Rome on 25th March  2017, has become a watershed deadline in European politics, as it has been stressed by the disappointing results of the informal European summit in Bratislava,

Affirming that this anniversary will not be merely a celebration, but shall serve as an opportunity give voice to the need for a more political Europe, in terms of democratic institutions and the realisation of true continental policies,

The Federal Committees of both JEF and UEF, meeting in Cologne on 5th November 2016,

Decide to  support, in cooperation with all the forces and institutions that care deeply about the fate of our continent, the organisation on 25 March of a European public manifestation,

Charge their respective bodies to work for a successful mobilisation both of the local and regional European federalist sections and of the other pro-European political and social organisations.

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