03 November, 2017
Resolution on strengthening freedom, justice and citizens' fundamental rights
Adopted by the UEF Federal Committee, 22 October 2017, Paris

The UEF Federal Committee, meeting in Paris on 22 October 2017,

Recalls that the respect of democracy, rule of law and human rights are among the basic values and principles of the European Union and underlines that their effective implementation is not optional in the Member States of the European Union;

Expresses its deeper concerns about the current situation in Poland concerning the reform of the judicial system and in Hungary regarding the anti-migrant policy, the limitation of the freedom of association, the protection of personal data and private life;

Supports the European Commission ongoing actions to protect the rule of law in Poland;

Supports the European Commission ongoing actions to stop Anti-Migration Policy, violation of freedom of association, freedom of education, freedom of press, interference in protection of private life and personal data in Hungary;

Welcomes the ECJ ruling that upheld the legality of the quota system for refugees challenged by the governments of Hungary, Slovakia and Poland;

Proposes the development of a strong anti-populist strategy in view of the European Elections in 2019, based on pluralist conceptions of collective European belonging;

Calls the European Union Institutions to launch during 2018 a range of actions for strengthening the public awareness of the founding values, inviting citizens to debate on these issues;

Invites UEF sections to play an active role in these campaigns, in close co-operation with JEF.

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