21 March, 2004
Resolution on Europe and international terrorism
The European Congress of UEF, meeting in Genoa from 19 until 21 March 2004,


that international terrorism is threatening Europe, as demonstrated by the horrible attacks in Istanbul and Madrid, considering

that the phenomenon of international terrorism in Europe is one of the most evident symptoms of

the incapability of the European Union to guarantee internal peace and security, and the development of the Mediterranean region and of the Middle East, crossroads of different civilisations, religions, and cultures;


• that the provisions for co-operation among national police forces are totally inadequate to guarantee the security of the European citizens;

• that intergovernmental co-operation is the fig-leaf behind which national governments hide from the European citizens their will to keep Europe internally and externally divided, preventing the Union from speaking with a single voice in the world;


that the public good of security is not divisible and therefore only a democratic European

Government, supported by the popular will and accountable to the European Parliament, could have enough power to provide the Union with adequate tools for fighting terrorism internally and, externally, with the financial, diplomatic and security resources necessary to support an initiative for peace and development in the Mediterranean, coming from within the region, starting from the Israeli-Palestinian conflict;


to the European Parliament to approve without hesitation the project of European Constitution

drafted by the Convention, in order to exit from the impasse in which the European Constitutional

process is entangled, and to open the way to the construction of an authentic European Federation.

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