16 June, 2014
Resolution on demands to the European Council & the newly elected European Parliament - Don't betray the voters!
Adopted by the UEF Federal Committee, Brussels, 14 June 2014
The European elections held in May 22-25 2014 have been the first according to the new rules of the Lisbon Treaty. The election campaign was devoted to the slogan “This time it’s different!” And this slogan for three reasons is right:

-    For the first time the president of the European Commission shall be elected by the European Parliament by a majority of its component members.

-    The European Council, when proposing a candidate, has to take into account the elections to the European Parliament and has to hold “appropriate consultations”.

-    Moreover, the political parties presented during the pre-election time for the first time candidates for the post of Commission’s president and raised expectations that one of those candidates will succeed.

The Union of European federalists urges the newly elected Parliament and the members of the European Council not to disappoint the voters. Therefore,

-    we urgently ask the heads of state and government taking into account the results of the election to propose only one of the candidates of the parties who campaigned during the elections as candidate for the post of president of the Commission,

-    we urgently ask the members of the European Parliament to vote only for one of the parties candidates.

Don’t betray the voters. Otherwise future European elections will be a disaster.

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