15 April, 2013
Resolution on Defence
Adopted by the UEF Federal Committee on 13 April 2013
The Federal Committee:

Taken in account that the European council that will meet in December 2013 will discuss a European industrial policy in the military field and, more generally, the relaunch of a European defence policy;

Points out that the fragmentation of current 27 national defence policies:

-    is responsible for inefficiencies in conducting military operations, as showed by the Libyan conflict. Indeed, while the European Union is spending 1/3 of US in defence, its capability is estimated being only 10% or at its best 15% of the American one;
-    R&D unitary costs for an European aircraft are 80% more than R&D unitary costs for an American one;
-    without an EU equipment procurement, EU runs into almost 20% additional costs;

Points out that sovereign debt crisis oblige European countries to decrease military expenses, while other countries such as China, Russia and US are increasing substantially their military budgets;


-    Invites the European Council meeting in December 2013 to take concrete steps for a European industrial policy and a permanent cooperation in the military field in the framework of the envisaged European political Union;

UEF resolves to discuss the issue of the European Foreign, Security and Defence Policy in view of tabling substantial proposals at the next UEF Congress meeting from 15 – 17 November 2013 in Berlin.

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