11 November, 2007
Resolution on a Government Programme for Europe
Appeal to the European Poltical Parties for the 2009 European Elections, passed by the Federal Committee meeting in Prague, November 10-11, 2007

The UEF Federal Committee


- the European political parties that the next European elections in 2009 might be used, as has happened in the past, for national politics instead of using this opportunity to discuss in depth the construction of a democratic Europe;


- that the European political parties have sufficient power in the European Parliament to make the European elections the starting point for a more democratic Europe, capable of acting;

- that the way to build a “supranational democracy” – as the European Union is defined in the resolution approved by the European Parliament the 7th of June 2007 – is that of allowing European citizens, not only to elect their representatives in the European Parliament, but also to choose the president of an executive, i.e. the European Commission, to implement their electoral programme;


- that the European political parties present a candidate for the President of the European Commission before the next European elections – announcing to the voters that they entrust to the new European Commission the responsibility for the implementation of their electoral programme.

- that the European political parties include in their election programme, as stated in the European Parliament resolution of 11th of July 2007, the commitment “to put forward, after the 2009 elections, new proposals for a further constitutional settlement for the Union, in accordance with the clause on treaty revision (Article IV-443) of the Constitutional Treaty”. 

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