03 November, 2017
Resolution on a European action day "United for our Europe"
Adopted by the UEF Federal Committee, 22 October 2017, Paris

The UEF Federal Committee, meeting in Paris on 22 October 2017,

Stresses that the further deepening of the European integration process needs a wider public support. In order to build a solid basis for federal Europe, cities and municipalities are essential. A strong from the local level could be sent out with the organisation of a symbolic pan-European action day.

In 2016 the town of Joensuu in Finland got a high visibility with the initiative “Joensuu calling”. Hundreds of cities and villages all over Europe took part in the initiative and showed that they are standing for the European project, hanging out the European flag on the 28th July. The media acknowledged the importance of the initiative and a lot of articles were published in those days about Joensuu and the cities which took part in this demonstration. In 2017 the action didn’t take place. The citizens of several municipalities wanted to show their flags, but could not find a special occasion for it.

Within UEF there are a lot of mayors and councillors who could support the idea. The more cities will take part in it, the stronger the initiative will get. The media will cover the initiative and discuss the idea and the future of Europe. It would also be a chance for our organisation to get more publicity and to recall on this day what European Federalists are standing for.

The European Union is still in its beginnings, but it is a symbol of peace and our only chance for prosperity in Europe and our way to keep a powerful position in the 21st century. In order for people to understand this message in a more emotional way, the day for this initiative should be on 9th May, Europe day, which marks the anniversary of the historical “Schuman Declaration”, in May 1950.

The Federal Committee of the UEF therefore decides:

To start the initiative “United for our Europe” which will take part every year on the 9th May calling on citizens of all cities and municipalities to show the European flag alongside with a public statement supporting European integration irrespective of the fact that municipalities, cities, regions and capitals ought to hang out European flags all the year round;

Asks the European Secretariat and UEF’s national sections create a webpage dedicated to this action and invite cities and villages across Europe to take part in it.

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