27 March, 2011
Resolution on a common European Energy Policy
The UEF Congress

notes that

energy policy is a worldwide challenge in the 21st century and that national energy policies are unable to
meet the expectations of consumers

is convinced of

the need for an EU competence in this field and the necessity to review the Euratom Treaty.


the tragic events that unfolded over the past weeks in Japan that clearly demonstrated the vulnerability of the
current societies and economies dependent on electricity in the event of a natural catastrophe

is aware

of the varying degree of dependency of EU member states from the use of nuclear energy

that the citizens of Europe need to be given the choice of living in a nuclear free environment

urges therefore

the European Commission to put forward proposals on

• common European security standards followed by reliable and objective stress tests for nuclearpower plants
• the further development of renewable energy and
• the assistance to countries that opt out of nuclear energy as well as
• to develop options for a future EU energy policy, including one with a nuclear phase out strategy

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