08 May, 2019
Resolution of the UEF Federal Committee "The door of the European Union should remain open to the United Kingdom after Brexit"
Adopted by the UEF Federal Committee, 28 April 2019, Barcelona

The United Kingdom, unless its Parliament changes its position at the last minute, will leave the European Union 31st of October 2019 at midnight.

The Union of European Federalists:

  1. Recalling that it called to respect the vote of British citizens and for the rapid implementation of an orderly exit, so that the European Union could quickly focus on its necessary reform;
  2. Doubting the legitimacy of a simple majority vote in a one-off referendum as a  decisive vote on a matter as consequential as membership in the European Union and regrets the conditions under which the referendum was held: a poorly informed or even misinformed public; proven interference by foreign powers; a campaign masking the real consequences of the proposed decision; and finally, the exclusion of part of the electorate, in particular British residents of a European Union country;
  3. Standing in solidarity with those actors in British civil society who opposed this fateful decision, before and since the referendum;
  4. Reaffirming that the choice of withdrawal from the European Union has disastrous human and economic consequences for the citizens of the United Kingdom;
  5. Denouncing the irresponsibility of the British political establishment which, by nationalist ideology or political tactics, has mainly encouraged and accompanied this choice;
  6. Reaffirming that citizenship rights once granted cannot be revoked and insists that European citizens having exercised their right to freedom of movement and establishment shall be allowed to continue to exercise those rights after a possible departure of the United Kingdom.

As a result, UEF:

  1. Calls on the institutions of the European Union and the governments of its 27 Member States to do their utmost, possibly unilaterally if necessary, in the absence of a common solution, to minimise the human consequences of Brexit and demands that the rights of UK citizens currently established in the EU and EU citizens currently established in the UK must be maintained;
  2. Supports the idea of a second referendum on the final Brexit deal agreed by the British government and would support the “Remain” campaign in any such referendum;
  3. Urges the United Kingdom to respect the Good Friday Agreement and therefore demands both parties to commit to maintaining an open border between the Republic of Ireland and Northern Ireland. If no deal is reached, the backstop must apply so to leave Northern Ireland in the Customs Union and the single market in order to prevent friction at the border with Ireland and to safeguard peace in the region;
  4. Stresses that, if the United KIngdom decides to revoke Art. 50 following the ECJ Wightman judgment to remain in the European Union, it must be ready to commit fully to the European project by respecting all the acquis communautaire, refraining from restraining willing Member States’ pursuit of further integration, and respecting the principle of sincere cooperation;
  5. Calls for accession to the European Union to remain open at all times to the constituent countries of the United Kingdom, provided that any candidate State accepts all the acquis communautaire and the content of the Treaties, in particular the single currency (the euro) and the agreements governing free movement ("Schengen", etc.), and that it adheres to the spirit of the European integration project, in particular the values and federal vocation of the European Union;
  6. Reminds, however, that a return to the EU of the UK as a full Member State that is deeply reluctant to agree to the principles of “ever closer Union” requires serious steps towards a model of differentiated integration, allowing those Member States who are willing to proceed to a political Union without being held back by laggards.            

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