24 April, 2018
Resolution of the UEF Federal Committee on exiting Brexit
Adopted by the UEF Federal Committee, 21 April 2018, Berlin

Brexit should be avoided. Our common aim should be to join forces to create together a stronger, economically and politically more integrated EU. Such an EU can be influential on the world stage and defend our shared values and way of life.

The UEF Federal Committee, meeting in Berlin on 21st April 2018,

Considering that:

  • the well-known historian and laureate of the Karlspreis last year Timothy Garton Ash wrote in the Guardian lately: ‘We can stop Brexit. But we will need help from across the channel’;
  • the world is in a state of increased instability; the global democratic value and rules-based  order that served us so well, guaranteeing peace and stability since 1945 is not stable anymore, as the USA is step by step withdrawing from the world stage and China is increasingly powerful. One key question will be who sets and enforces the new rules. If Europe wants to play a role in influencing the new world order it can only be done by a united Europe. An EU without the UK is significantly weaker than with the UK as part of it. At the same time an EU with the UK opposing further integration is not going to stand to the challenges of the future. The best option would be an EU with a UK fully committed to closer economic and political integration and able to achieve (federal) political unity, including in the fields of economy and security. Europe can only play this role if it is united and strengthened; most global issues cannot be dealt with or regulated anymore by individual European countries – whatever their size;
  • beyond these global considerations, there are internal reasons to avoid Brexit: the potential economic impact Brexit will have - and some is already evident – both on the UK and on the remaining 27 is serious; furthermore the political stability between Northern Ireland and the Republic of Ireland established by the Good-Friday-Agreement could be jeopardised by the UK leaving the EU;
  • a country that leaves the European Union cannot have similar benefits as a country which stays in the EU and fulfills its obligations.

Decides that:

The Secretariat should seek support for this appeal from its national organisations, The Spinelli Group and by the DBB Forum debating Brexit and its impact on 23rd April 2018. Furthermore it should be posted in social media to gain broad public support.

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