07 May, 2019
Resolution of the UEF Federal Committee "Initiative for a European renewal"
Adopted by the UEF Federal Committee, 28 April 2019, Barcelona

The Federal Committee of the Union of European Federalists, gathering in Barcelona in April 26-27


- that the European integration process is at a crucial stage, in which, beyond the traditional political cleavages, nationalist and populist forces question the EU’s its foundations and principles, in particular the rule of law;

- that the complacency and resignation of some pro-European political leaders and citizens, who are content with the European status quo, is yet another obstacle to surmount in the establishment of a sovereign and democratic Europe;

- that when political leaders and decision-makers fail to provide concrete solutions to the issues of our times, citizens lose trust in democratic institutions as a whole;

- that is necessary to get out of the current stalemate that threatens to exacerbate the citizens’ distrust in the European Union’s ability to face the challenges of our time and to guarantee their prosperity and internal and external security;

- that UEF and JEF are engaged in the campaign for the European elections under the slogan “I Choose Europe”, whose objective is to campaign for a genuinely democratic, social, sovereign, federal Europe;

- the important role of UEF as non-partisan organisation which unites a big variety of members with different political backgrounds in order to build bridges between political families;


- French President Macron’s letter for a “European renaissance” aimed at “politically and culturally reinvent the shape of our civilisation in a changing world” which comes after similar speeches at the Sorbonne University and at the European Parliament in Strasbourg;

- the fact that President Macron’ letter addresses directly European Citizens directly in their native language – thus contributing to creating a European public space and has launched a debate on the need for a European renewal built around freedom, protection and progress;

- that this debate should, according to President Macron, propose “all the changes our political project needs, with an open mind, even to amending the Treaties”.

- the fact that also other leaders in Europe have expressed their support for a European renewal, and especially of Spanish President Sanchez’s speech on the Future of Europe at the European Parliament in Strasbourg, where he has urged for the protection of Europe, which amounts to going “forward with [the development of] a social Europe, a Europe of defence and the Economic and Monetary Union. A federal Europe, in essence, which regains legitimacy and the confidence of its citizens;


that a fresh start is needed for the Union, lest its foundations be eroded from within;

- that also in view of the still unsatisfactory debate currently underway in the Council on the reform of the Economic and Monetary Union, especially on the creation of a Eurozone budget – these initiatives can help place the issue of completing the Economic and Monetary Union in the broader framework of the creation of a genuine political union inside the EU;

- that the initiatives of these national political leaders can become substantial drivers of the  evolution of the European Union into a genuine European Federation provided that:

  • other European leaders join in this endeavour, committing to a social, democratic, sovereign and federal Europe;
  • only a sovereign Europe, that is a federal Europe, can become a Europe which protects through an effective migration and asylum policy, a defence and security policy, a fiscal and budgetary policy;
  • That the EU reform process must be launched urgently, by the end of the year;
  • that any meaningful attempt at EU reform must be grounded in the development of a true European democracy, centered around a bicameral European Parliament representing citizens and Member States, and an elected executive
  • that the ultimate target of EU reform is the adoption of a genuine European Constitution

Therefore recalling its transpartisan nature, commits the UEF, and its national and local sections:

  • to exploit these initiatives to further advocate the need for a social, democratic, sovereign and federal Europe;
  • calls, in the context of the European elections, EU citizens to vote for political parties firmly committed to advocate the need for a stronger, democratic and social Europe and to consider as the most urgent political priority both during the electoral campaign and in the next European Parliament the goal of finalizing this debate through the opening of a constituent process;

and commits

its national sections to campaign for establishing the broadest possible alliance among political forces, civil society organisations and citizens to work towards a truly Federal Europe.

Barcelona, April 28, 2019

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