05 November, 2016
Resolution in support of the Odysseus initiative
Adopted by the UEF Federal Committee, 5 November 2016, Cologne

Realizing that there is a need to promote the mutual knowledge and understanding among the citizens of Europe;

Noting that the European Voluntary Service (EVS) is the perfect tool to develop in practice a European consciousness;

Noting that unfortunately EVS is not an effective program, since just 0.01 per cent of Europeans aged 18 - 30 enrolled in 2014;

Noting that EVS is not sufficiently well known, and that there are important access barriers and lack of funding;

The Union of European Federalists calls the European Commission to propose legislations for the revamping of the EVS along the lines proposed by the "Odysseus" initiative, which aims at developing a truly European Civil Service comparable to the popular and effective "Erasmus" program. 

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