04 October, 2022
PR | Sandro Gozi appointed as President of the Spinelli Group
With this nomination, members of the Executive Board of the parliamentary intergroup signal a closer collaboration with the UEF

The Spinelli Group, an intergroup of the European Parliament gathering Members of the European Parliament of all the major European political families, appointed Sandro Gozi as its new President.

This nomination is a clear sign that the Board of the Spinelli Group is seeking greater collaboration with the Union of European Federalists (UEF), of which Sandro Gozi is President. Both structures will need to collaborate tightly to promote their call for a Convention that would draft new European Treaties.

The revision of the European Treaty has been a long-standing demand of the UEF. In June this year, the European Parliament voted on a resolution to call for the establishment of a Convention to draft new treaties, at the initiative of the Spinelli Group.

As Sandro Gozi takes over the rotating presidency of the Spinelli Group from Daniel Freund MEP, the UEF stands beside his leadership and ensures him the support of all federalists. The UEF warmly thanks Daniel Freund for his chairmanship. 

Sandro Gozi, President of the UEF and the Spinelli Group said: "Our priorities are simple: to push for treaty revision, to raise awareness on the need for treaty revision, to support the new electoral law, and to guarantee that the European institutions ensure a proper followup of the Conference on the Future of Europe.”

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Press contact:
Anna Echterhoff
Secretary-General of the UEF

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