75th Anniversary
03 March, 2004
Peter Ustinov, a friend of global federalism has died
The President of the Union of European Federalists, Jo Leinen, Member of the European Parliament, described the death of Peter Ustinov as a great loss for the federalist family.
Peter Ustinov was a truly global citizen and had been the president of the World Federalist Movement (WFM) since 1991. He fought with passion for a multi-lateralist approach to solving the great problems of mankind. Under Ustinov's chairmanship the WFM built a successful coalition of 4000 NGO's to achieve the International Criminal Court as the means to realise human rights in the world.
UEF and WFM held their founding Congresses simultaneously in August 1947 in Montreux (Switzerland) following an initiative of resistance fighters from the second world war. Since the European Constitution and thus the political unification of Europe are within reach now, European federalists are from now on going to concentrate their efforts on Europe's Role in the world and on the strengthening of the United Nations and the rule of law. The European Congress of the Union of European Federalists in Genoa (19.-21. March 2004) therefore decided to unite European and World Federalists after more than 55 years of separate activities. The UEF will become the European branch of the WFM.
This has always been the aim of Peter Ustinov. In his spirit, the UEF will work increasingly on 'global governance issues', said UEF-president Jo Leinen.

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