12 October, 2008
Paper to support the Strategy Resolution (PC1)
Adopted in UEF Congress 10-12 October

The European Union is at a crossroad. The concomitance of different extremely severe crises gave origin to a situation which requires with dramatic urgency that some decisions are taken, which must be brave and really innovative at the same time. In the absence of a stronger will, the survival of the EU itself will be in danger, as well as the capacity of the EU to play a positive and significant role in a world which is at a crossroad between destructive anarchy and the creation of policies and institutions able to govern a common destiny.

The vital matters which must be coped with are evident.

- The economic and financial crisis. A strong European policy for a fair and sustainable growth is essential, also to avoid that national economic interventions might threaten the single market. An effective European commitment to a deep reform of the bodies devoted to global economic governance is indispensable, too.

- The security crisis. Increasingly alarming phenomena, such as international terrorism, the proliferation of weapons of mass destruction, the acute instability of entire regional areas, the problematic relationship between the EU and the US on one hand, and the Russian Federation on the other, call for Europe to be able to speak and act as a real Union.

- The ecological crisis. The interconnected problems of energy, food and global warming call for rapid and effective measures on a world scale. Here an active role of the EU is essential, too.

In order to be able to properly face these existential challenges, the European Union must give itself the adequate means, without any further delay. We demand therefore that the following three decisions are immediately adopted.

1. The Lisbon Treaty shall enter into force immediately among the States who have already ratified it.

2. The EU institutions shall immediately adopt the following  initiatives (eventually resorting to enhanced and structured cooperations): a single energy policy; a European economic policy able to cope with the economic and financial emergency on a supranational basis, through the strengthening of EIB and EIF and the emission of union bonds; a European initiative for a new Bretton Woods; a critical strengthening of CFSP and CSDP. The Euro-group shall take immediate action and convene a special steering body for managing the present financial crisis and preventing it from evolving into a deep economic and social crisis;

3. The European Parliament and the national governments willing to do so to take an initiative for a European Federation and give a popular mandate to a Constitutional Convention/Assembly to draft a democratic federal Constitution and create a European federal government. European citizens should be fully involved in the constitutional process in order to have a real European debate and avoid national referendums.

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