10 April, 2005
On 29th May, the whole of Europe is looking at France!
For the first time ever, the States and Peoples of Europe will have to express themselves on a European Constitution.

This is a historical moment. Drafted after years of efforts - for the first time by elected representatives and not by diplomats - will this Constitution push European integration ahead by bringing hope and progress to all its peoples?

- YES, with the Constitution, Europe is more democratic: it enshrines fundamental rights (Part II); it turns equality between men and women into a Union value and puts this objective as an overarching principle for all public policies (art. III – 116). It strengthens the role of European (art. I-20) and national parliaments (art. I-11 and protocol); it creates a citizens’ legislative initiative (art. I-47);

- YES, with the Constitution, there will be more solidarity within Europe: it turns full employment and social justice as objectives to be reached by the Union (art. I-3); it enshrines the role of social partners (art. I-48); it preserves public services (art. III-122);

- YES, with the Constitution, Europe safeguards our political, cultural and territorial identity (art. I-5) ;

- YES, with the Constitution, Europe is safer: It provides us with the means to fight terrorism, serious crime and all types of smuggling (art. III-271);

- YES, finally, with the Constitution, Europe will finally play a more important role on the world stage:

By setting down the foundations of a common diplomacy and defence, the text gives Europe more bargaining power in international debates (art. III-310 to III-313).

It is for all those fundamental reasons that we, Citizens of Europe, have decided to launch this appeal to French citizens and to the civil society. This Constitution is an opportunity for the whole of Europe.

Without France, this Constitution has no future. And without Constitution, France will loose all the positive influence it managed to use at the service of a more united Europe, as the first step towards the building-up of an international order based on justice and democracy.

Without the Constitution and without France’s support, Europe will remain helpless on the international stage and unable to run its economy.

Without the massive support of French citizens to the European Constitution, there can be no political Europe.

Because we are directly concerned by the result of the French referendum and because we want to build a common and prosperous future,

On May 29th… vote YES!

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