75th Anniversary
05 June, 2019


Ahead of the European elections, over 250 candidates to the European Parliament from different countries and political parties committed to support the demands of the Union of European Federalists (UEF) and the Young European Federalists (JEF) for the next European Parliament.

Ca 50 were elected and will form a strong core of federalist supporters in the new European Parliament.  

Other MEPs will be asked to join this initiative in the upcoming weeks. 

On July 1-2, during the opening session of the new European Parliament, the European Federalists will rally federalist MEPs and citizens from all over Europe in a public agora hosted by the Municipality of Strasbourg and a demonstration in front of the new European Parliament to kick off their activities for a federal Europe.  

Here more information on the events in Strasbourg.

Key demandsof the European Federalists supported by the MEPs include a stronger Economic and Monetary Union (with a Eurozone own budget), a single European foreign, security and defence policy (with stronger European defence capabilities), a European migration system (including the management of external EU borders through European forces and EU channels for legal migration), make Europe a global leader in combating climate change and promoting the transition to a fully environment-friendly economy, and an increased European budget based on own resources.

Candidates have also pledged to engage the next European Parliament in reforming EU treaties towards a stronger, more democratic, more social, more effective, federal Europe.

Below, the list of the MEPs.

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