05 March, 2022
#moreEUROPEnow - We stand with Ukraine - the first Europe wide online demonstration
We are delighted to invite you at #moreEUROPEnow, the first Europe wide online demonstration.

#moreEUROPEnow - We stand with Ukraine

Join the first Europe wide online demonstrations

We are delighted to invite you at #moreEUROPEnow, the first Europe wide online demonstration.

The Union of European Federalists has organised - in 48 hours - the first European online demonstration, together with other civil society organisations and citizens, to express solidarity with the Ukrainian people and call for a federal, sovereign and democratic Europe.


WHERE: www.twitch.tv/wildmics

WHEN: Saturday 5 March 2022, 19:30 - 21:30 online.


Invitees from all over Europe will each make a short political statement (in English) followed by moments of poetry and music.


  • Sandro GOZI, UEF President and MEP (Renew Europe)
  • Petras AUSTREVICIUS, MEP (Renew Europe)
  • Eva MAYDEL, EMI President and MEP (Renew Europe)
  • Danuta HUBNER, MEP (EPP)
  • Rainer WIELAND, President of Europa Union Germany, Vice-President of the European Parliament and MEP (EPP)
  • Brando BENIFEI, MEP (S&D)
  • Daniel FREUND, Spinelli Group President, MEP (Greens/EFA)
  • Lukas MANDL, UEF Austria President and MEP (EPP)
  • Christa SCHWENG, EESC President
  • Stefano CASTAGNOLI, President Movimiento Federalista Europeo
  • Daniel GERER, UEF Austria
  • Catherine VIEILLEDENT, Secretary General of Group Europe
  • Eszter NAGY, Secretary General of UEG Hungary
  • Francois, LERAY, President UEF France
  • Raphael BEZ, Secretary General of UEF/EMI Switzerland
  • Antonio ARGENZIANO, President of JEF

Moderators: Dr. Nana Walzer (journalist) and Götz Otto (German actor, played in films such as Schindler's List, The Fall - Hitler's Last Days, Iron Sky).

Everyone has the opportunity to participate by writing phrases of support in the chat.

The event has a very innovative character because it will be broadcast on the Twitch platform - easy to access from both mobile phones and PCs without the need to install any software. Our event will be on the "Wildmics" channel, which already has a loyal audience of 30,000 users and has already organised similar events for a German audience.

This is an excellent opportunity to promote democratic values and a strong, united Europe in the light of the Conference on the Future of Europe.

Share this link with the hashtag #moreEUROPEnow to share the event and to download social media material for promotion : moreeuropenow.eu

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