30 April, 2002
Middle East crisis reveals weakness of the European Union
The Union of European Federalists  (UEF), chaired by  Jo LEINEN MEP,  notes that the current diplomatic efforts of the European Union to put an end to the Middle East crisis are ineffective. 
The European Union should propose a peace plan which involves all countries from the Middle East. The UEF  considers that  a  peaceful  solution  of  the crisis would  consist in proposing  a federal  project  to overcome  the  inter-community  clashes  on  a  long-term  basis  The  European Union  is  an  example  of  how  states  which  have  fought  against  each other  in  several  wars  can become good partners. 
As regards the European Convention, it should overcome the weakness of the EU in the fields of foreign, security and defence policy. It should transform the EU into a real political union based on a European Constitution, with a federal government and  the necessary means to implement its policies.

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