12 October, 2008
For a Common European History Manual
Resolved the federalist goal to create a European federal state based on a common set of values, rights and freedoms,

Aware that there cannot be a state without a minimum of common history and a shared understanding thereof,

In view of the decades old debate on the lack of a European demos,

Aware of the fact that information about European history continues to be highly unevenly distributed across Member States,

Alarmed by the fact that a new generation is growing up in Europe which is not any more impressed by the European peace project now that the memory of the war is fading more and more,  

The Congress of the Union of European Federalists in its meeting of October 2008 asks the European policy makers including the representatives of the member states in the Council,

To launch a European research project to build the foundations for a  common history teaching programme with a genuine European perspective.

To do this in a concerted manner, including historians from all member states, as well as from candidates and potential candidate countries and from the other major world regions.

- to ensure a compulsory European history module at the various stages of our school systems, starting in primary school,

- to enhance the subject of European Studies at university level,

- to improve current and future teachers’ capacity to deliver the European history module in our schools,

- to accord to this project the highest political priority until its completion and finally to provide this project with not only sufficient but generous funding, allowing for a non-bureaucratic involvement of civil society.

The common European history manual shall be provided free of charge to all schools and shall be updated on a regular basis in the context of an ongoing research project carried out by a network of European universities in order to develop an ever better understanding of our shared and common European history.

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