31 October, 2010
Focussing the work of the UEF on Builging a Stronger Citizens Network for a Federal Europe
The UEF Federal Committee,

- Observing an increasing disinformation, disaffection and disillusion of European citizens towards the European integration process and the European institutions and a weak presence of pro-European movements in the civil society,

- Calling on the need for a united, visible and efficient citizens movement promoting European citizenship and federal democratic institutions with a strong presence in all European countries,

- Noting the imbalanced geographical distribution of UEF individual members

- Recognising that the UEF needs to enlarge the number of individual members all over Europe if it wants to continue to be a credible citizens' movement that is capable of building a European Federation bringing Europe and the Citizens close to one another,

- Recognising that the UEF needs to become a more active and dynamic organisation and improve its management structures if it wants to truly realise its federalist aspirations, The UEF Federal Committee therefore decides that:

- Every Bureau member be given clear 1) organisational, 2) geographic and 3) political/thematic responsibilities to be decided instantly. These tasks should be visible on the website and add up to the accountability of the mandate holders towards the FC and the transparency of their work,

- The Federal Committee appoints among its members chairs and co-chairs of specific political commissions or working groups in order to contribute to an efficient division of tasks and increase the work potential of every single mandate holder,

- The European Secretariat and/or an Executive Bureau member should send regular updates to the UEF FC mailing list about the work done and progress made in-between the FC meetings by the European Secretariat, the Bureau and FC members as well as the sections. Before this mail is sent out, the European Secretariat and/or the responsible Executive Bureau member acquires the necessary information in an effort to keep the entire organisation updated on what is happening within its structures,

- Individual activity reports by Bureau and FC members as well as section reports should be submitted to the European Secretariat 3 weeks before every FC meeting so as to share best practices, encourage participation in the general work of the organisation and take stock of all achievements in a dedicated slot on the agenda of every FC meeting,

- The European Secretariat should provide every FC and Bureau meeting with clear statistics about the amount of members in different countries over the last 10 years,

- The Bureau and European Secretariat should work as a major priority on strengthening of UEF sections and increasing their members, among others, by regular phone calls, gathering best practices about the organisation of activities in the different sections and elaborating an external communication strategy,

- The European Secretariat and Bureau should actively look for public / private funding for projects and sponsorship and report to the Bureau and FC about their efforts made in this regard,

- The European Secretariat should provide the sections and FC members with early information on EU calls for proposals and European seminars on a regular basis.

- The European Secretariat and Bureau should at the occasion of the Federal Committees organise regular conferences open to the general public on federalist topics so as to increase the visibility of the federalist movement in the EU capital,

Furthermore, the UEF Federal Committee also advises that:

- The UEF should discuss a clear division of tasks and a better coordination between the European Movement and the Union of European Federalists in the short term,

- The UEF should evaluate the adoption of a common corporate identity and a common branding and communication strategy between the European Movement, the Union of European Federalists and JEF in order to increase their visibility.

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