09 July, 2022
Federal Committee in BRUSSELS
9-10 JULY 2022 | Only in presence

After two years in online mode, it is now time to find the way back to the meetings in presence.

The online meetings have enabled us to meet and to keep our network alive even during the peak phases of the pandemic and we can be thankful for these technical opportunities. However online meetings cannot replace the so valuable personal encounters, discussions, and exchanges. 

We sincerely thank the Representation of the State of North Rhine-Westphalia to the European Union and the  House of European History for making their venues available for the Federal Committee of UEF!

Invitation letter

The agenda (08.07.2022)




The Union of European Federalists (UEF)  held its Federal Committee in presence on 9 and 10 July in Brussels at the Representation of the State of North Rhine-Westphalia  to the European Union and at the House of European History.

The political introduction by the President, Sandro Gozi (MEP) was followed by a political debate on the topic After the Conference on the Future of Europe: The work continues! with the President, Sandro Gozi (MEP) and the Vice-Presidents Markus Ferber (MEP) and Domènec Ruiz Devesa (MEP) as well as the Professor Giulia Rossolillo (EB-Member), moderated by Julian Plottka, Chair of PC 1. After that the FC members and observers further discussed the political items in the respective Political Commissions.

The Federal Committee  adopted  two Resolutions and a Statement

The Resolution presented by the Political Commissions on Institutional Affairs (PC1) and the Political Commission on Rule of Law, Values, and European cohesion (PC2) explores the idea of a Europe of concentric circles, a proposal against the political blockages and status quo. The Resolution presented by the Political Commission of Foreign and Security (PC3) policies advocates for the creation of a federal union for Europe to finally assume continental geopolitical responsibility. 

UEF’s Statement voted on Sunday 10 June calls on the EU member states to initiate the process to create a federal, sovereign and democratic Europe, through the launch of a Convention and reform of the Treaties.

The Resolutions and the Statement can be found below:

Furthermore, the Federal Committee has decided to admit the UEF Kosovo as a new section. We warmly welcome our federalist friends from UEF Kosovo and are looking forward to our cooperation!

WELCOME TO by European Federalists

The Secretary General, Anna Echterhoff, reported on the activities of the UEF in 2022 and the commitment and initiatives  of the UEF within the Conference on the Future of Europe. The UEF Activity Report for 2021 was also presented.

Activity Report 2021 by European Federalists

Impressive was also the reports from the sections about their activities in the recent months.

FC UEF Brussels II day by European Federalists

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