75th Anniversary
06 June, 2003
European Federalism: Regions and States
On the eve of the meeting of the national Committee of UEF-France in Toulouse, the regional section of UEF organised a public debate on "European Federalism, Regions and States".
Speakers were Gerard ONESTA (Vice-President of the EP and member of UEF France), Bruno BOISSIERE (UEF Europe Secretary-General) and Jacky PHALIPPOU (Spokesman of a regionalist and Federalist party) as well as Michel DAUGE.

All agreed the solidarity between Europe's regions and its people should be strengthened in the future. In a second part of the public conference G. ONESTA and Bruno BOISSIERE presented a progress report some days before the end of the Convention. Both condemned the retention of unanimity in the procedure of adopting and reviving the proposed Constitution.

Furthermore, a meeting of the 'National Commission' of UEF-France took place. It made a last appeal to the European Convention.

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