23 May, 2002
European Commission should be EU executive European Parliament as only directly elected EU institution should elect President of the EU
The  Union  of  European  Federalists  (UEF)  welcomes  the  European Commission’s communication on the future of Europe presented to the European Convention on 22 May and its call for taking the lead in foreign affairs and economic policy. The UEF hopes that the  European  Commission  and  the  European  Parliament  will  build  an  alliance  to push for ambitious EU reforms.
Nevertheless, the UEF regrets that the Commission has not clearly defined its position as regards the modalities of election of the President of the European Union. The federalists further criticize that certain EU governments favour a concentration of powers within the Council of Ministers and that Spanish prime minister José María Aznar proposes to give the European Council the powers of electing the EU President and dissolving the EP. 
Jo  LEINEN MEP,  President  of  the  UEF,  declared  “It  is  a question of  democracy: the European  Commission  should be  developed  into a  strong,  independent  and  efficient executive, elected and controlled by the European Parliament.”
Finally,  the  UEF  welcomes  that  small  countries such  as  Finland  are  in  favour  of strengthening  the  role  of  the  European  Commission,  and  notes  that  only a  European Federation of States and people can guarantee  the interests of  both big and  small countries.
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The  Union of  European  Federalists  (UEF)  is  an  independent,  non-governmental,  and supranational  organisation  dedicated  to  the promotion of  a  federal  Europe.   President :   Jo LEINEN, MEP

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