19 April, 2009
European Citizens and Consular Protection
Bearing in mind recent international crisis such as the Tsunami in 2004, the terrorist attacks in Mumbai and the Bangkok airport blockade in November 2008,

UEF takes note of:

- the legal  existence of  the European citizenship since the Maastricht Treaty
- the weak implementation of the European consular protection
- the inefficient  diplomatic co-operation between Member States  in crisis situation

UEF regrets that:

- assistance to EU citizens is given on the basis of nationality, not of EU citizenship
- only Member States can offer diplomatic protection
- EU citizens holding multiple nationalities are disadvantaged when it comes to diplomatic protection

UEF urges:

- the full and  immediate application of the EU citizenship as foreseen since 1992 by the Maastricht Treaty
- the EC delegations to be empowered in matters of consular protection
- the Lisbon Treaty to be ratified and implemented as soon as possible, so that EU-citizens can benefit from the External Action Service

UEF calls:

- for an EU consular and diplomatic protection for all EU -citizens regardless their  nationality
- for the creation of a single EU consular emergency phone number
- for the possibility  for any EU-Member States to issue in crisis situation an EU passport
- its Bureau, FC and all sections to encourage the European political parties to put the European citizenship and its rights at the centre of the EP election campaign

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