21 January, 2002
EP delegation must be a driving force in the Constitutional Convention
Bruno BOISSIERE, European Secretary-General of the U.E.F., explained that the 16 Members of the European Parliament, who were appointed during the Strasbourg plenary session, should play a key role as the driving force within the Convention on the future of Europe.  On the basis of the recent parliamentary reports (the Duhamel Report and the Leinen-Méndez de Vigo Report) there is  a clear  orientation  for  a  European  Constitution  with  more  democracy,  efficiency  and transparency in the EU. 
„The U.E.F. sees many competent MEPs within the constitutional Convention who are committed defenders  of  a federal Europe“, Bruno BOISSIERE  stated.  Nevertheless,  he  regretted that the PSE  group did not  consider  the  qualities  of  leading  figures  like  Richard  CORBETT  (PSE Coordinator of the Committee on Constitutional Affairs, UK), Jo LEINEN (Co-rapporteur on the Future of the Union, D), Giorgio NAPOLITANO (President of the Committee on Constitutional Affairs,  I) and Dimitris TSATSOS  (Observer  of the EP at the last  IGC, GR) in the PSE  group were not considered. 
The Secretary-General of the U.E.F. further hopes that this does not reflect a lack of willingness of  the  Group of  the  Party  of  European  Socialists  to actively  promote  a  European  Federal Constitution. 
Contact: Bruno BOISSIERE, UEF European Secretary-General, Tel.: +32-2.508 30 32 The  Union of  European  Federalists  (UEF)  is  an  independent,  non-governmental,  and  supranational organisation dedicated to the promotion of a federal Europe. President :  Jo LEINEN, MEP

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