05 September, 2009
Copenhagen Motion
The Bureau of the Union of European Federalists (UEF), meeting in Ventotene on 5 September 2009, resolves as follows:

1. Calls on the European Parliament and European Commission to galvanise the preparations of the UN Copenhagen climate negotiations; deplores the lack of will displayed by successive meetings of the European Council to finance the effort to reduce global warming;

2. Urges, in particular, the EU to make an early proposal about its own financial contribution towards the costs of mitigation and adaptation in developing countries;

3. Insists that the EU has a moral responsibility to assist poorer countries to embrace clean technology in their own efforts at social and economic development; and warns that the risk of conflict and failed states grows as tensions rise over scarce resources of land, food, energy and water;

4. Is aware that an increasing volume of Europe's industrial goods are manufactured in developing countries; and notes that European business has a good opportunity to develop markets in these new clean technologies;

5. Recognises that a new climate finance mechanism on a global scale is needed to be developed under the auspices of the United Nations to attract innovative investment, to share the burden of cost and to encourage democratic solutions to the challenge of climate change;

6. Emphasises the need for the successor protocol to Kyoto to include ways and means of monitoring its effect and enforcing its implementation;

7. Commits itself to working with networks of like-minded European and national parliamentarians and NGOs to stimulate public debate and understanding of the politics and economics of climate change in the preparation of the Copenhagen conference and its follow up.

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