75th Anniversary
26 May, 2004
Convention: A Human Endeavor - a documentary - a debate

Just three and a half weeks before the EU Heads of State and Government take a final decision on the draft Constitutional Treaty produced by the European Convention, the Union of European Federalists (UEF) and Domino Productions, presented the Documentary "Convention" directed by Sergio Ghizzardi and Patrick Delfosse. More than 400 participants found their way into the European Parliament to watch this documentary and debate on the future of the Convention's draft Constitutional Treaty.



Modarated by Katryn Brahy, journalist of RTL-TVI, the debate gathered ex-Members of the Convention like Vice-President Jean-Luc DEHAENE, MEP Giorgos KATIFORIS (representative of the Greek EU-Presidency in the Praesidium), French MEP Olivier DUHAMEL (representative of the European Parliament in the Convention European Commissioner Peter BALAZS (representative of the Hungarian government in the Convention), Hannes FARNLEITNER (representative of the Austrian government in the Convention), Henrik HOLELEI, Head of Commissioner Kallas' Cabinet (representative of the Estonian government in the Convention) and the Head of the European Commission's Task force on the Future of the EU, Paolo PONZANO (representative of  the European Commission in the Convention).



All these actors of the "Human Endeavor" agreed that the Convention method has been far more successful than any previous intergovernmental conference and that the results on many issues go far beyond the Nice Treaty. They confirmed that the outcome was unhoped-for. As to the conclusion of the negotiation by the governments, they showed confidence that the Constitutional Treaty will be approved by the Heads of State and Government in late June. They acknowledged that the ambition of the Member states could not be as high as the one of the Convention. According to them, the steps forward will probably be minor, but will nevertheless be worth supporting.



UEF Secretary-General, former MEP Bruno BOISSIERE, showed concern about the postponement of crucial decisions by the IGC to the 14th of June, a day after the European elections, since this is a clear indication of a possible package of horse-traded concessions among the biggest countries. "This is a insult to the Convention !", Boissière exclaimed.

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