08 December, 2022
75th Anniversary of the Montreux Declaration celebration event
8 December 2022 | Brussels and online

The Union of European Federalists and the World Federalist Movement/IGP are delighted to invite you to our joint event celebrating the 75th Anniversary of the Montreux Declaration in Brussels in a hybrid event.


On 23rd August 1947, World Federalists met in Montreux at the first international congress of the “World Movement for World Federal Government” (now known as the World Federalist Movement/ Institute for Global Policy). These federalists called upon the peoples of the world to join them in supporting the idea of the establishment of a World Federal Government, which would be responsible for ensuring sustained peace in light of the United Nations being inhibited from doing so effectively, due to the self-interest of States.

75 years later, humanity still faces the threat of war in addition to new challenges such as climate change, and nuclear proliferation. Furthermore, the world is more globalized and interlinked than it has ever been, what occurs in one hemisphere of the world has vast implications for other regions, yet the UN still remains dominated by the self-interest of powerful states, leaving a global governance gap for important and urgent issues. This is perhaps most evident in the current Russian- Ukraine war, whereby we have witnessed blatant violations of International Law, and Russia’s repeated application of the veto power at the security council to avoid condemnation or orders to cease its invasion of Ukraine. As a by-product, the war has disrupted global oil markets and food supply and has contributed towards inflation across the globe.

The commemoration of the 75th anniversary of the Montreux Declaration provides an opportunity to pick up from where the Federalists from Montreux left off, and to continue the fight for much-needed reform in the international system, in light of recent affairs (e.g. the Ukraine war) and current challenges (e.g climate change).

The event will provide an opportunity for attendees to reflect on the achievements of federalism and lessons learned since the Montreux Declaration and the creation of the World Federalist Movement.

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