01 April, 2006
UEF Bureau Meeting
The meeting focussed on the program of the Second European Citizens’ Convention and the XXI UEF European Congress. Furthermore, political as well as organisational aspects of a possible Third European Citizens’ Convention in France at the end of the year were discussed.
Friedhelm FRISCHENSCHLAGER presented the activities of the past months and outlined his recommendation for the future. The Bureau members agreed that the UEF should remain actively involved in Plan D activities and reply to the Commission’s call for proposals together with other pan- and pro-European organisations, such as the European Movement, JEF and several more (see section 6 of this Newsletter).

Since for security regulations it was difficult to make a public action on demonstration inside but also outside the EP at the occasion of the First Parliamentary Form in the EP on 8-9 May (see section 2 of this Newsletter), the Bureau decided that Mercedes BRESSO will make an appointment with Josep BORRELL and handover a federalist manifesto, together with Jo LEINEN (MEP and former President of the UEF), Friedhelm FRISCHENSCHLAGER (Secretary-General of the UEF) and Jan SEIFERT (Assistant to a German MEP and President of JEF).

It was decided to join the Europa-Union Deutschland in the organisation of the first European Citizens’ Forum which will be held in Cologne on 20 May (see section 2 of this Newsletter).

Friedhelm FRISCHENSCHLAGER proposed to invite all Secretary-Generals of the UEF’s constituent organisation, so that the working-level of the UEF sections get to know each other better and to report on their activities. The Bureau supported this idea. The meeting will also take place in cologne on 20 May, directly after the European Citizens’ Forum.

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